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Stowmarket Recreation Ground, Stowmarket

Type of open space: Recreation ground

Parish: Stowmarket

Ward: Stowmarket North

District Council: Mid Suffolk District Council

County Council: Suffolk County Council

Country: England

Local area map

Originally known as "King's Meadows" this area was, before the end of the 1914-18 war, open meadow land. At that time there were few houses on Finborough Road; Chilton Hall and Stow Union Workhouse were just visible.
At the end of the first world war, "King's Meadows" was purchased by raising £1,800 by public subscription, additionally £800 was raised to erect the Memorial Gates that were officially opened on Sunday 13th February 1921.
In 1919 there was a peace celebration with a finale bonfire lit on King's Meadows
Originally enclosed by heavy iron railings the recreation ground was locked every night before dusk. The grass was only cut once a year at hay time and an official caretaker was appointed.
A much later addition was a line of trees running parallel to Recreation Road.
Queen Elizabeth II visited a crafts and industries exhibition on the Recreation ground in 1961 and accepted a willow cricket bat for her son Prince Charles. A week long carnival event was arranged to celebrate the event.


  • 1. Memorial Gates, opened in 1921 with plaques dedicated to those lost in the two world wars.
  • 2. Cast drinking fountain made by Walter MacFarlane & Co of Glasgow and presented by the children of the adjacent Council School in memory of those lost in the 1914-18 war (recently renovated and placed inside the memorial gates).
  • 3. Skate park.
  • 4. Children's play area.
  • 5. A line of trees separating the area from Recreation Road.
  • 6. Adjacent middle school.
  • 7. Paths around the borders and crossing the area diagonally.
  • 8. Circus and travelling fair visits.

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Memorial Gates - Stowmarket Recreation Ground
Recreation Ground
Recreation Ground, Stowmarket.
Recreation Ground, Stowmarket.
Poppy day 2013
Stowmarket Rec 2013
Memorial Plaque - affixed to the gate pillar.
Poppy Wreaths on the gates, November 2013.
Travelling Circus visit 2013.
Recreation Road, Stowmarket
Stowmarket Rec and adjoining middle school.
Recreation ground fencing and play area.
Play area and skate park.
Skate Park - Stowmarket recreation ground.
Skate Park - Stowmarket recreation ground.
Stowmarket Rec play area.
Drinking Fountain - Stowmarket Recreation Ground

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