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Parks and Spaces

A directory of British public open spaces

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For the purposes of this website, I've grouped open spaces into seven basic categories:

  • Park

    The default name for an open, grassed or planted area that doesn't fall into any of the other categories

  • Common

    An open area, usually without much in the way of formal planting. It may or may not be a common in the legal sense.

  • Garden

    An open area with a significant amount of formal planting, often consisting of paved paths among flower beds.

  • Playground

    An open space specifically designed for children, usually incorporating play equipment.

  • Recreation Ground

    An open space often used for sports or other recreational activities.

  • Village Green

    A grassed open space often found in the centre of older, traditional villages.

  • Plaza

    A paved open space, such as a square or marketplace. I've used the word "plaza" as a generic term, because not all of them are square in shape and the word "place" could be confusing!

The initial categorisation is based on the tags assigned to the location by Open Street Map contributors.